Hello world!

So… after over a decade, I find myself back in the same hometown that I was born and raised — Elmhurst, New York.


It wasn’t through lack of trying to escape the neighborhood or by failing to stay afloat elsewhere, I am back to take care of my elderly grandparents in the very same home I had been reared.

Some say that what I’m doing is noble. Maybe.

I say that it can be depressing, difficult and overwhelming. Definitely– but I wouldnt have it any other way.

The point of this blog is to maintain personal sanity and to find humor in my super stressed-filled and tiresome life. Also, Im trying to find beauty in this jungly, concrete, hard-as-nails neighborhood by finding  inspiration that I desperately need now. My mission is to make peace with being back in Elmhurst, and to find beauty where it has been overlooked.  Pics to follow 🙂

Elmhurst is Burning.